Krakens and Kanbarus

Kind of a weird mish mash of Dungeons and Dragons, animus, miniature painting, and some other stuff I find neat.

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I am not sure if I am capable of comprehending the existence of these Women of Robotech doll commercials.

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There’s this Korean sweets store that opened up near my house and now I’ve finally savored the sweet keeki just like in my Chinese girly cartoons.

Also I got a job.


Work has begun on Borka 2! I’ve got to say that while Privateer has struggled with their plastic, the resin on this bear was flawless. Just a beautiful model overall.

I’m going with a more grolar styled bear because I think the polar bear colors make it look like a stuffed bear.

You’ll notice I am also working on an Abby 2 commission. Her model is MUCH more annoying to build, even her hands were separate pieces. That said, she is gorgeous once built. Fun to paint, as well.

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im only 9, clefairy

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 That’s all I have.Being able to help you study, a cute junior and a brusque father, and this starry sky. That’s all I have. That’s all I can give you, Araragi-kun.”

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